Trekking in Val di Sole

Trekking and walks in the woods in Val di Sole, Pejo and Rabbi. Trekking, walking in the woods or on the mountain paths in Trentino: you don’t need to walks for hours and with a lot of gradient in order to admire nature, because a multitude of different itineraries gives you the possibility to reach suggestive places with short, easy walks.

Trekking itineraries – easy walks:

Malghette Lake

The trekking tour to Malghette Lake can be easily undertaken by the whole family. This place can be reached more easily by using the cableway leaving from Folgarida to “Malghet Aut” , at an altitude of 1856 metres above the sea level. Then hike along the trail sign SAT number 21 to “Orso Bruno” refuge, 2180 metres an the sea level with a wonderful panoramic view. Average time: about 1 hour You can keep on climbing on the trail sign SAT number 201 to “Malga Piano” and on the trail sign SAT number 19 to Malghette Lake, 1890 metres above the sea level, ideal picnic area. Easy hike.
Average time: h 1.40

Meledrio Valley and Waterfalls

The starting point is in place “Belvedere”, reachable by bus from Folgarida. From “Belvedere” (whose name means panoramic view) take the path number 12 called “Ronzola” which takes you directly in the Meledrio valley. The Meledrio is a typical wild river – where you can fish very good trouts - it springs from the Malghette lakes and flows into the river Noce near Dimaro. Through the path number 11 “Strada dei Foni” you arrive to “Pont del Pastin” and then, going along the left side of the river, to the waterfall “del Pison” and “Madonnina del Dos”. You can go on through the road number 9 to Dimaro to the first hairpin bend. We advise you to go back by bus. This excursion can be made also by mountain-bike even if with a little ability.
On foot it is an easy and relaxing walk in the woods with an average time of about h 1,30‘ if you go as far as Madonnina del Dos and of 3 hours if you walk the whole route.

Folgarida Alpine Hut

Easy hike for everyone with a panoramic view on the Dolomites of Brenta. You can reach it by car through the road to Madonna di Campiglio. On foot you start from “Malghet Aut”, also reachable by the cableway in Folgarida, and then go on the path number 20. Average time: about 1 hour At the hut you can buy different sort of local cheese, drink fresh milk or eat fresh whipped cream with seasonal fruit.

Ritorto Alpine Hut

It is near Madonna di Campiglio, in one of the most suggestive places of this area, with a wonderful panoramic view. You can reach it taking the road to Val Nambino – at the beginning of the town of Madonna di Campiglio. With typical restaurant , but also suitable for pic-nic From Malga Ritorto you can reach Lago Ritorto trough a middle difficult path: average time: h 1,30’

Nambino Lake

From Madonna di Campiglio you can reach Nambino lake taking the path to Val Nambino . From the parking place in 30/40 minutes you will reach the lake. Quite easy hike but the path is rather steep.

Vallesinella Waterfalls

Are easily reachable by car driving through the southern part of Madonna di Campiglio, locality Palù to the parking place. Here take the path along the river and you will pass on the bridges under the waterfalls. Very suggestive and amusing route. The path goes on to Refuge Casinei (more difficult route).

Nardis Waterfalls in Genova Valley

You have to go on the national road to Madonna di Campiglio to the town of Carisolo. At the beginning of the village take the road to Val di Genova and then go on to the parking place. The Nardis waterfalls are easily reachable in a few minutes and offer a very suggestive sight. You can refresh yourself at the refuge nearby.

Rabbi Valley

Reachable by car, taking the road after the village of Malé, where this valley begins. It is a very narrow, characteristic valley rich of green meadows flowed by the wild river Rabbies. The villages are also very characteristic with many typical alpine huts with balconies adorned with flowers. At the top of the valley there is a Spa with thermal ferruginous water. We are in the Stelvio National Park, starting point for very suggestive trekking excursions to the waterfalls Ragaiolo (average time: about 1 hour), and to the water saw-mill.

Going through the village of Piazzola you arrived in the parking place Stablasolo, starting point to Saent waterfalls: middle difficult, but very suggestive route. Other more difficult hikes to Corvo Lake and Dorigoni Refuge. Detailed information at the Alpine Guides Office.

 Pejo Valley

Reachable by car through the road which goes along the Val di Sole to Cusiano. Here you must take the road to Val di Pejo, also flowed by the river Noce. Go on to Pejo Fonti – Thermal Spa resort- and from here you can reach The Pian Palù Lake. You can arrive by car to the parking place and then go on foot through a rather steel path and in a short time you will reach the lake. Worth seeing are the villages of Cogolo and Pejo. The Pejo valley in the Stelvio National Park – offers the possibility to do trekking excursions different ability level: to Careser Lake, Larcher Refuge etc. Detailed information at the Alpine Guides Office.

Caprioli Lake

Reachable by car: you have to go to Dimaro and then take the national road to Cusiano, direction Tonale Pass. In the village of Pellizzano turn left (direction centre of the village) and follow the road signal to “Lago dei Caprioli” – Fazzon.
From the parking place nearby you can reach on foot the lake, that is small but very suggestive, surrounded by pic-nic areas.

Tovel Lake

Once its waters appeared read because of the presence of a microscopic rare unicellular organism. Reachable by car: you have to go to Dimaro and then take the national road to Trento as far as Cles. Here take the local road to Tuenno; at the end of the village you will find the road signal to reach the lake. Go to the parking place and then, with a few minute walk, you will reach the lake. You can walk around the lake (average time 1 hour): the path is flat and the landscape is take-breathing.











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